Goodbye Coldwater Creek

What happened to Coldwater Creek? According to the company web site, "On April 11, 2014, Coldwater Creek filed for bankruptcy in order to facilitate an orderly wind-down of our operations." The move was required because "the Company and its advisors were unable to find a potential buyer for the Company or a source of capital to provide adequate liquidity to fund the Company's ongoing strategic turnaround initiatives."

What happened to the company? In this video blog, Martin Ramsay considers some of the possible reasons for Coldwater Creek's untimely demise. A clue came from a 70 year old clerk who has worked for Coldwater Creek for ten years. Watch this blog to learn what she said. Then judge for yourself whether or not she is on to something ... and what it might mean for your organization.

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Enjoying Your Work

Do you enjoy your work? Surprisingly, many people say that they do not. Why is that? Is work supposed to be onerous and miserable? Or can it be meaningful and fulfilling?

Not all work is perfect all the time of course. But shouldn't our work be something we enjoy, at least the majority of the time?

This video blog uses a woman working in the florist department of a big box grocery store as an example of how we can enjoy our work. At least most of the time!

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Who is Responsible for Good Jobs?

Who is responsible for providing good jobs? In this blog, Martin Ramsay argues that the idea of "providing" jobs misses the point. Instead we should think in terms of "offering" jobs to free agents — entrepreneurs, if you will — who may decide to accept or not accept our offer because of the quality of the job. Everyone who works is an entrepreneur, and whether or not a job is a "good job" depends on who is looking at it.

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