The Secret Life of Hummingbirds

Do you get all worked up over things that, in the long run, are just not that important? The secret life of hummingbirds can shed some light on having a broader perspective.

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Enjoying Your Work

Do you enjoy your work? Surprisingly, many people say that they do not. Why is that? Is work supposed to be onerous and miserable? Or can it be meaningful and fulfilling?

Not all work is perfect all the time of course. But shouldn't our work be something we enjoy, at least the majority of the time?

This video blog uses a woman working in the florist department of a big box grocery store as an example of how we can enjoy our work. At least most of the time!

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Who is Responsible for Good Jobs?

Who is responsible for providing good jobs? In this blog, Martin Ramsay argues that the idea of "providing" jobs misses the point. Instead we should think in terms of "offering" jobs to free agents — entrepreneurs, if you will — who may decide to accept or not accept our offer because of the quality of the job. Everyone who works is an entrepreneur, and whether or not a job is a "good job" depends on who is looking at it.

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On Being a Consultant

What do you think when someone tells you they're a consultant? Is it an honorable profession, or more in company with lawyers and used car salesmen? In this Blog Martin Ramsay tells why he sees himself as a consultant -- and why you should, too.

(And, by the way, lawyers and used car salesmen have honorable professions as well. It is all in how you conduct yourself and your own personal integrity.)

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When You Lose Your Job

What happens when someone looses their job? How do they cope?

It happened to me twenty years ago today. This first blog posting begins the saga of what happened to Martin Ramsay, how CEATH Company was formed, and how we grew our business to encompass clients in 13 countries on four continents.

Perhaps some of the ideas presented here will help you on your journey.

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