Mind Mapping

This week's video blog focuses in on a specific tool: mind mapping.

As Martin Ramsay noted in earlier video blogs, helping get people to be explicit about their own mental models is a vital skill. People often have mental models about a given situation, process or goal, and these may even be mental models of which they are mostly unaware. When there are significant differences between mental models, conflict can arise. And people may not even understand the source of those conflicts because they are unaware of the underlying mental models — both in their own heads and in the heads of others.

Martin Ramsay discusses using a tool called mind mapping to draw those mental models out of people's heads and into the light where everyone can see and understand them. He demonstrates how to use the mind mapping tool and give one example application from his consulting work at CEATH Company.

What seems a bit out of line, over the top, or not quite right at your organization? What do your consulting instincts tell you about finding out more. Perhaps you'll discover the key that unlocks a new level of productivity and effectiveness for your team!

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