Developing Your Consulting Instinct

Martin Ramsay suggests that everyone, regardless of their job title, should think of themselves as a consultant. A consultant's job is to look at an organization, its vision, systems and people, and to figure out ways to improve them. Consultants should always be about making things better.

In this video, Martin uses the common advertisements for flu vaccines as an example of how consultants might develop their consulting instincts. When something seems a bit out of line or over the top, a consultant's instincts will say, "Find out more. Look deeper. Find out what's behind the scenes." The ubiquity of flu vaccine advertising suggests there's more to this than just an opportunity to get vaccinated against the flu.

What seems a bit out of line, over the top, or not quite right at your organization? What do your consulting instincts tell you about finding out more. Perhaps you'll discover the key that unlocks a new level of productivity and effectiveness for your team!

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