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Martin Ramsay is internationally recognized as someone who combines organizational process and human resource development with information technology to leverage organizational effectiveness.
  • He was featured in Fortune as “an expert on the organizational impact of new information systems” who impresses clients with his “preparedness and clarity.”
  • He won the Center for Digital Education gave him their “In the Spotlight” Award, calling him one of the “most innovative, hard-working, trend-setting IT leaders in the nation.”
  • His Learning Asset Management Project (LAMP) won the Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration.
He has worked on three continents in thirteen countries in his quest to help organizations.
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Martin is the founder and managing director of CEATH Company, a consulting firm specializing in helping organizations become more effective. CEATH Company leverages expertise in organizational processes and human dynamics to accomplish its mission. Through CEATH Company, Martin has:
  • developed a myriad of experientially-based training programs
  • designed diverse software applications
  • acted as a consultant to a host of internationally recognized clients in such areas as business process improvement, customer relationship management and Business Information Technology Deployment (a field pioneered by CEATH Company)
  • conducted numerous technology assessments and process reviews in North America, South America and Europe
  • developed a process that includes development of action plans and follow-up and tracks status and results in a software tool developed by CEATH Company.

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His skill in working with cross-functional work teams to align and implement action plans that support organizational strategies is frequently requested. CEATH Company’s Factory on a Desk-Top™ experiential learning laboratory has gained international attention as a process redesign and improvement tool.

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